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§ 37.008. Disciplinary alternative education programs.

(a-1) The agency shall adopt minimum standards for the operation of disciplinary alternative education programs, including standards relating to:

(1) Student/teacher ratios;

(2) Student health and safety;

(3) Reporting of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of students;

(4) Training for teachers in behavior management and safety procedures; and

(5) Planning for a student's transition from a disciplinary alternative education program to a regular campus.


19 TAC § 103.1201 Standards for the operation of school district disciplinary alternative education programs.

(k) The transition procedures established for a student who is exiting a DAEP and returning to the student's locally assigned campus shall be implemented and updated annually as needed. The transition procedures shall include:

(1) An established timeline for the student's transition from the DAEP to the student's locally assigned campus; and

(2) Written and oral communication from the DAEP staff to the locally assigned campus during the student's assignment to the DAEP, including the student's educational performance and tasks completed.