Colorado School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Communication of Policy

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Colorado School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Communication of Policy

Category: Codes of Conduct
Subcategory: Communication of Policy
State: Colorado

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22-32-109.1. Board of education–specific powers and duties–safe school plan–conduct and discipline code–safe school reporting requirements–school response framework–school resource officers–definitions.

(2) Safe school plan. [...]

The plan, at a minimum, shall include the following:

(a) Conduct and discipline code.

(I) A concisely written conduct and discipline code that shall be enforced uniformly, fairly, and consistently for all students. Copies of the code must be provided to each student upon enrollment at the elementary, middle, and high school levels and must be posted or kept on file at each public school in the school district. The school district shall take reasonable measures to ensure that each student of each public school in the school district is familiar with the code.

22-32-126. Principals–employment and authority.

(1) The board of education may employ through written contract public school principals who shall hold valid principal licenses or authorizations and who shall supervise the operation and management of the school and such property as the board shall determine necessary.

(2) The principal shall assume the administrative responsibility and instructional leadership, under the supervision of the superintendent and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the board of education, for the planning, management, operation, and evaluation of the educational program of the schools to which he is assigned.

(3) The principal shall submit recommendations to the superintendent regarding the appointment, assignment, promotion, transfer, and dismissal of all personnel assigned to the school under his supervision.

(4) The principal shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the superintendent pursuant to the rules and regulations of the board of education.

(5)(a) The principal or the principal's designee shall communicate discipline information concerning any student enrolled in the school to any teacher who has direct contact with the student in the classroom and to any counselor who has direct contact with the student. Any teacher or counselor who receives information under this subsection (5) shall maintain the confidentiality of the information and does not have authority to communicate the information to any other person.

(b) Each school district shall include in its discipline code adopted in accordance with section 22-32-110 (2) procedures to inform the student and the student's parent or guardian when disciplinary information is communicated and to provide a copy of the disciplinary information to the student and the student's parent or guardian. The discipline code shall also establish procedures to allow the student and the student's parent or guardian to challenge the accuracy of the disciplinary information.


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