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District of Columbia School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Communication of Policy

Category: Codes of Conduct
Subcategory: Communication of Policy
State: District of Columbia

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§ 2-1535.03. Bullying prevention policy.

(f) Each agency, educational institution, and grantee shall develop a plan for how the policy is to be publicized, including the plan for:

(1) Discussing its bullying policy with youth; and

(2) Publicizing that the policy applies to participation in functions sponsored by an agency, educational institution, or grantee.

§ 38-236.03. Establishment of school discipline policies.

(d) A school, or local education agency, as appropriate, shall provide school discipline policies to students and parents and shall provide students and parents with explanations of the policies, including explanations of expectations, rights, and responsibilities of students and parents under the policies. The school, or local education agency, as appropriate, shall make the school discipline policy publicly available, including in a conspicuous place on the school and local education agency's website.


4-1507. Dissemination of bullying prevention policy.

1507.1 Each covered entity shall develop and implement a plan to publicize its Bullying Prevention Policy that shall include actions to:

(a) Discuss its bullying prevention policy with youth;

(b) Publicize the fact that the policy also applies to functions sponsored by the covered entity; and

(c) Publish the written Bullying Prevention Policy and make copies of the Bullying Prevention Policy available to all youth, families and staff by including it in the entity's handbook and on its website.

5-A2102. Absences.

2102.3 An educational institution shall publish and make available to students, parents and guardians the attendance policies and procedures of the educational institution, including a list of valid excused absences.

5-A2103. Absentee intervention and school-based student support teams.

2103.2 Each educational institution shall incorporate evidence-based practice into its absenteeism protocol, considering procedures to address the following:

(b) A process for informing, training, and educating school staff, students, parents, guardians, and the community with regard to enhancing school attendance, implementing truancy reduction methods, administering attendance policies and procedures, and when applicable, collaborating with related service providers.

5-B2500. General policy.

2500.1 It is the policy of D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) that a safe environment conducive to learning shall be maintained. To build and maintain this environment, DCPS shall provide students, families, and staff with clear expectations and rules for appropriate school behavior. These rules must balance the responsibilities and rights of individuals and the responsibilities and rights of the school community. These rules must reflect the individual's responsibility for contributing to a safe environment conducive to learning and the need for mutual respect and cooperation among all segments of the school community. [...]

2500.15 A copy of the DCPS policies and rules regarding student discipline shall be distributed or made available to students and parents within thirty (30) days after the start of each school year or upon initial enrollment, whichever occurs later.

2500.16 A copy of the DCPS policies and rules regarding student discipline shall be distributed or made available to school staff within thirty (30) days after the start of each school year, or upon initial employment, whichever occurs later.

5-B2503. Policy for disciplinary actions.

2503.1 All disciplinary actions shall be effected pursuant to the rules in this Chapter. Disciplinary actions that do not result in removal from the classroom for more than half a school day may be effected through procedures established by the principal at each school. The principal shall establish such procedures in writing and provide a written copy to students and parents. Procedures shall include a process for appealing such disciplinary responses to the principal.

5-E2401. Student Bill of Rights.

2401.4 Each student has the right to adequate and timely notice of all rules, regulations, policies and sanctions to which the student is subject. All rules and regulations shall be available in writing and be accessible to all students. A copy of the rules of the Board of Education shall be maintained in the library, guidance office, or other appropriate place in each public school in the District of Columbia. A copy of § 2401 (Student Bill of Rights) shall be provided to each student upon registration at a public school in the District of Columbia

5-E2404. Search procedures.

2404.12 Principals shall provide notification to students, and their parents on a regular basis, including at the beginning of each school year, of the Board's policy regarding searches.

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