Indiana School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Formal Incident Reporting of Conduct Violations

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Indiana School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Formal Incident Reporting of Conduct Violations

Category: Monitoring and Accountability
Subcategory: Formal Incident Reporting of Conduct Violations
State: Indiana

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IC 20-33-9-5. Controlled substance violations; reports by school employees.

If a person other than a member of the administrative staff who is an employee of a school corporation has personally observed:

(1) a violation described in section 1 [IC 20-33-9-1] of this chapter; or

(2) a delinquent act that would be a violation under section 1 of this chapter if the violator were an adult;

in, on, or within one thousand (1,000) feet of the school property of the school corporation employing the person, the person shall immediately report the violation in writing to a member of the administrative staff of the school corporation employing the person.

IC 20-33-9-10. Duty to report threat.

In addition to any other duty to report arising under this article, an individual who has reason to believe that a school employee:

(1) has received a threat;

(2) is the victim of intimidation;

(3) is the victim of battery; or

(4) is the victim of harassment;

shall report that information as required by this chapter.

IC 20-33-9-10.5. Criminal organization activity; duty to report; maintaining safe school environment.

(a) This section does not apply to a charter school or a state accredited nonpublic school.

(b) A school employee shall report any incidence of suspected criminal organization activity, criminal organization intimidation, or criminal organization recruitment to the principal and the school safety specialist.

(c) The principal and the school safety specialist may take appropriate action to maintain a safe and secure school environment, including providing appropriate intervention services.

IC 20-33-9-11. Procedure to make report.

(a) If an individual who is required to make a report under this chapter is a member of the staff of a school, the individual shall make the report by immediately notifying the principal of the school that a school employee may have received a threat or may be the victim of intimidation, battery, or harassment.

(b) An individual who receives a report under subsection (a) shall immediately make a report or cause a report to be made under section 13 [IC 20-33-9-13] of this chapter.

IC 20-33-9-12. Relief of obligation to report.

This chapter does not relieve an individual of the obligation to report a threat, intimidation, a battery, or harassment on the individual's own behalf, unless a report has already been made to the best of the individual's belief.


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