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Indiana School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Prevention

Category: Prevention, Behavioral Interventions, and Supports
Subcategory: Prevention
State: Indiana

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IC 5-2-10.1-2. Purpose and composition of fund; grant priorities and amounts.

(a) The Indiana safe schools fund is established to do the following:

(1) Promote school safety through the:

(A) use of dogs trained to detect drugs and illegal substances; and

(B) purchase of other equipment and materials used to enhance the safety of schools.

(2) Combat truancy.

(3) Provide matching grants to schools for school safe haven programs.

(4) Provide grants for school safety and safety plans. However, a grant from the fund may not be used to employ a school resource officer (as defined in IC 20-26-18.2-1) or a law enforcement officer (as defined in IC 35-31.5-2-185).

(5) Provide educational outreach and training to school personnel concerning:

(A) the identification of;

(B) the prevention of; and

(C) intervention in;


(6) Provide educational outreach to school personnel and training to school safety specialists and school resource officers concerning:

(A) the identification of;

(B) the prevention of; and

(C) intervention in;

criminal organization activities.

(7) Provide grants for school wide programs to improve school climate and professional development and training for school personnel concerning:

(A) alternatives to suspension and expulsion; and

(B) evidence based practices that contribute to a positive school environment, including classroom management skills, positive behavioral intervention and support, restorative practices, and social emotional learning.

(b) The fund consists of amounts deposited:

(1) under IC 33-37-9-4; and

(2) from any other public or private source.

(c) The institute shall determine grant recipients from the fund with a priority on awarding grants in the following order:

(1) A grant for a safety plan.

(2) A safe haven grant requested under section 10 [IC 5-2-10.1-10] of this chapter.

(3) A safe haven grant requested under section 7 [IC 5-2-10.1-7] of this chapter.

(d) Except as provided in subsection (e), upon recommendation of the council, the institute shall establish a method for determining the maximum amount a grant recipient may receive under this section.

(e) A school corporation selected to participate in the school intergenerational safety pilot project by the department under IC 20-20-46-5 is eligible to receive a grant from the fund in an amount described in IC 20-20-46-4 in addition to a grant requested by the school corporation under section 6 [IC 5-2-10.1-6] of this chapter.


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