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Indiana School Discipline Laws & Regulations: State Model Policies and Implementation Support

Category: Prevention, Behavioral Interventions, and Supports
Subcategory: State Model Policies and Implementation Support
State: Indiana

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IC 5-2-10.1-12. Safe school committees; school plans; copies of floor plans to law enforcement agency and fire department .

(a) Each school corporation shall establish a safe school committee. The committee may be a subcommittee of the committee that develops the strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plan under IC 20-31-5. Each committee may include at least one (1) member who is a member of the support staff of the school or school corporation career and technical education school.

(b) The department of education, the school corporation's school safety specialist, and, upon request, a school resource officer (as described in IC 20-26-18.2-1) shall provide materials and guidelines to assist a safe school committee in developing a plan and policy for the school that addresses the following issues:

(1) Unsafe conditions, crime prevention, school violence, bullying, criminal organization activity, child abuse and child sexual abuse, and other issues that prevent the maintenance of a safe school.

(2) Professional development needs for faculty and staff to implement methods that decrease problems identified under subdivision (1).

(3) Methods to encourage:

(A) involvement by the community and students;

(B) development of relationships between students and school faculty and staff; and

(C) use of problem solving teams.

(c) As a part of the plan developed under subsection (b), each safe school committee shall provide a copy of the floor plans for each building located on the school's property that clearly indicates each exit, the interior rooms and hallways, and the location of any hazardous materials located in the building to the law enforcement agency and the fire department that have jurisdiction over the school.

(d) The guidelines developed under subsection (b) must include age appropriate, research based information that assists school corporations and safe school committees in:

(1) developing and implementing bullying prevention programs;

(2) establishing investigation and reporting procedures related to bullying; and

(3) adopting discipline rules that comply with IC 20-33-8-13.5.

(e) In addition to developing guidelines under subsection (b), the department of education shall establish categories of types of bullying incidents to allow school corporations to use the categories in making reports under IC 20-20-8-8 and IC 20-34-6-1.

(f) The materials and guidelines provided under subsection (b) must include the model educational materials and model response policies and reporting procedures on child abuse and child sexual abuse developed or identified under IC 20-19-3-11.

IC 20-19-3-10. Dating violence educational materials.

(a) The department, in collaboration with organizations that have expertise in dating violence, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, shall identify or develop:

(1) model dating violence educational materials; and

(2) a model for dating violence response policies and reporting.

Not later than July 1, 2011, the department shall make the models developed or identified under this section available to assist schools with the implementation of dating violence education programs in grades 6 through 12 and dating violence response policies.

(b) The model dating violence policy identified or developed under subsection (a) may include the following topics:

(1) Warning signs of dating violence.

(2) The basic principles of dating violence prevention.

(3) Methods of parental education and outreach.

IC 20-19-3-12. Identification, development, and availability of model education materials on criminal organization activity .

(a) The department, in collaboration with the Indiana criminal justice institute, the department of child services, the center for evaluation and education policy at Indiana University, the state police department, and any organization that has expertise in providing criminal organization education, prevention, or intervention that the department determines to be appropriate, shall:

(1) identify or develop evidence based model educational materials on criminal organization activity; and

(2) develop and maintain a model policy to address criminal organizations and criminal organization activity in schools.

(b) Not later than July 1, 2015, the department shall make the model policy developed under subsection (a)(2) available to assist schools in the development and implementation of a criminal organization policy.

(c) The model educational materials on criminal organization activity identified or developed under subsection (a)(1) must include information:

(1) to educate students and parents on the extent to which criminal organization activity exists;

(2) regarding the negative societal impact that criminal organizations have on the community;

(3) on methods to discourage participation in criminal organizations; and

(4) on methods of providing intervention to a child suspected of participating in criminal organization activity.

(d) The model criminal organization policy developed under subsection (a)(2) must include:

(1) a statement prohibiting criminal organization activity in schools;

(2) a statement prohibiting reprisal or retaliation against an individual who reports suspected criminal organization activity;

(3) definitions of "criminal organization" as set forth in IC 35-45-9-1 and "criminal organization activity";

(4) model procedures for:

(A) reporting suspected criminal organization activity; and

(B) the prompt investigation of suspected criminal organization activity;

(5) information about the types of support services, including family support services, available for a student suspected of participating in criminal organization activity; and

(6) recommendations concerning criminal organization prevention and intervention services and programs for students that maximize community participation and the use of federal funding.

IC 20-19-3-12.2. Reduction in absenteeism; policy priority; resources and guidance.

(a) The department shall make reduction of absenteeism in schools a policy priority and provide assistance and guidance to school corporations and schools in:

(1) identifying contributing factors of absenteeism; and

(2) developing chronic absence reduction plans that school corporations may elect to include as a component of the school improvement plans required under IC 20-31-5.

(b) The department shall provide resources and guidance to school corporations concerning evidence based practices and effective strategies that reduce absenteeism in schools. However, the department may not mandate a particular policy within a chronic absence reduction plan adopted by a school corporation or school.

IC 20-26-5-32. Involvement of parents with discipline plan; department’s model discipline plan.

(a) The governing body of each school corporation shall work with parents to:

(1) develop; and

(2) review periodically;

an evidence based plan for improving student behavior and discipline in the school corporation after receiving a model plan developed by the department.

(b) The model plan developed by the department under subsection (a) must:

(1) reduce out-of-school suspension and disproportionality in discipline and expulsion;

(2) limit referrals to law enforcement and arrests on school property to cases in which referral to law enforcement or arrest is necessary to protect the health and safety of students or school employees; and

(3) include policies to address instances of bullying and cyberbullying on school property of a school corporation.

(c) Beginning in the 2019-2020 school year, the department, in collaboration with parent organizations, teacher organizations, educational support professional organizations, and state educational institutions, shall, upon a school corporation's request, provide information and assistance to the school corporation regarding the implementation of the school corporation's evidence based plan developed under subsection (a) to ensure that teachers and administrators receive appropriate professional development and other resources in preparation for carrying out the plan.


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