Indiana School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Teacher Authority to Remove Students From Classrooms

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Indiana School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Teacher Authority to Remove Students From Classrooms

Category: In-School Discipline
Subcategory: Teacher Authority to Remove Students From Classrooms
State: Indiana

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IC 20-33-8-8. Duty and powers of school corporation to supervise and discipline students.

(a) Student supervision and the desirable behavior of students in carrying out school purposes is the responsibility of:

(1) a school corporation; and

(2) the students of a school corporation.

(b) In all matters relating to the discipline and conduct of students, school corporation personnel:

(1) stand in the relation of parents to the students of the school corporation;

(2) have the right to take any disciplinary action necessary to promote student conduct that conforms with an orderly and effective educational system, subject to this chapter; and

(3) have qualified immunity with respect to a disciplinary action taken to promote student conduct under subdivision (2) if the action is taken in good faith and is reasonable.

(c) Students must:

(1) follow responsible directions of school personnel in all educational settings; and

(2) refrain from disruptive behavior that interferes with the educational environment.

IC 20-33-8-9. Disciplinary powers of teachers and school staff members.

(a) This section applies to an individual who:

(1) is a teacher or other school staff member; and

(2) has students under the individual's charge.

(b) An individual may take any action that is reasonably necessary to carry out or to prevent an interference with an educational function that the individual supervises.

(c) Subject to rules of the governing body and the administrative staff, an individual may remove a student for a period that does not exceed five (5) school days from an educational function supervised by the individual or another individual who is a teacher or other school staff member.

(d) If an individual removes a student from a class under subsection (c), the principal may place the student in another appropriate class or placement or into inschool suspension. The principal may not return the student to the class from which the student was removed until the principal has met with the student, the student's teacher, and the student's parents to determine an appropriate behavior plan for the student. If the student's parents do not meet with the principal and the student's teacher within a reasonable amount of time, the student may be moved to another class at the principal's discretion.


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