Iowa School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Return to school following removal

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Iowa School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Return to school following removal

Category: Exclusionary Discipline: Suspension, Expulsion, and Alternative Placement
Subcategory: Return to school following removal
State: Iowa

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280.17B. Students suspended or expelled for possession of dangerous weapons.

The board of directors of a public school and the authorities in control of a nonpublic school shall prescribe procedures for continued school involvement with a student who is suspended or expelled for possession of a dangerous weapon, as defined in section 702.7, on school premises in violation of state law and for the reintegration of the student into the school following the suspension or expulsion.

282.4. Suspension–expulsion.

4. Notwithstanding section 282.6, if a student has been expelled or suspended from school and has not met the conditions of the expulsion or suspension, the student shall not be permitted to enroll in a school district until the board of directors of the school district approves, by a majority vote, the enrollment of the student.

282.5. Readmission of student.

When a student is suspended by a teacher, principal, or superintendent, pursuant to section 282.4, the student may be readmitted by the teacher, principal, or superintendent when the conditions of the suspension have been met, but when expelled by the board the student may be readmitted only by the board or in the manner prescribed by the board.


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