Maryland School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Students with Chronic Disciplinary Issues

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Maryland School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Students with Chronic Disciplinary Issues

Category: Discipline Addressing Specific Code of Conduct Violations
Subcategory: Students with Chronic Disciplinary Issues
State: Maryland

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13A.08.01.11. Disciplinary action.

A. Local Board Authority. Each local board of education has both the responsibility and authority to adopt policies designed to create safe schools. In the context of school discipline, by the beginning of school year 2014-2015, each local board shall review and revise its student discipline policies and regulations with the goal of maintaining an environment of order, safety, and discipline necessary for effective learning.

F. Minimum Education Services. In order to establish accountability and keep suspended or expelled students on track with classroom work, as is reasonably possible, each local board shall institute education services that at a minimum provide that:

(1) Each student suspended or expelled out-of-school who is not placed in an alternative education program shall receive daily classwork and assignments from each teacher, which shall be reviewed and corrected by teachers on a weekly basis and returned to the student; and

(2) Each principal shall assign a school staff person to be the liaison between the teachers and the various students on out-of-school suspension or expulsion and to communicate weekly about classwork assignments and school-related issues by phone or email with those out-of-school suspended/expelled students and their parents.

G. Education Services During Short-Term Suspensions.

(1) For short-term suspensions, the local board of education shall inform all schools under their jurisdiction:

(a) To provide all students who receive short-term suspensions with the opportunity to complete the academic work they miss during the suspension period without penalty; and

(b) To provide all students who receive short-term suspensions, and their parents or guardians, with the contact information for a school employee who will be responsible for ensuring that the requirement described in § G(1)(a) is met.

(2) All other aspects of the process for suspended students receiving missed assignments, completing missed assignments, and making up tests shall be identical with each schools established policy and practice for makeup work in the event of any other excused absence.

H. Intervention and Support.

(1) School personnel shall provide intervention and support to address the students behavior if the student is:

(a) Suspended under § C(1)(b) of this regulation; or

(b) Enrolled in a public prekindergarten program, kindergarten, first grade, or second grade and:

(i) Is disruptive to the school environment; or

(ii) Commits an act that would be considered an offense subject to suspension but for the students grade.

(2) Intervention and support provided under § H(1) of this regulation includes:

(a) Positive behavior interventions and supports;

(b) A behavior intervention plan;

(c) A referral to a student support team;

(d) A referral to an individualized education program team; and

(e) A referral for appropriate community-based services.

(3) The school system, to the best of its ability, shall remedy the impact of a students behavior on school climate through appropriate intervention methods including restorative practices.

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