Michigan School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Mental Health Literacy Training

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Michigan School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Mental Health Literacy Training

Category: Prevention, Behavioral Interventions, and Supports
Subcategory: Mental Health Literacy Training
State: Michigan

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380.1308b. Emergency operations plan; requirements; notice; exemption of certain information from freedom of information act; "school building" defined.

(3) The emergency operations plan developed and adopted under subsection (2) must include guidelines and procedures that address at least all of the following: (i) A plan to train teachers on mental health and pupil and teacher safety.

752.913. Potential self-harm and potential harm or criminal acts directed at school students, school employees, or schools; establishment of program for receiving reports and information from public; hotline; operational and administrative oversight; report; referral to community mental health services program psychiatric crisis line; source of information on available community mental health resources and contacts; notice; biannual update of emergency contact information.

(4) The department is responsible for the continued operational and administrative oversight of the program. The program must provide for a means to review all information submitted through the hotline and to direct those reports and that information, including any analysis of the potential threat as determined appropriate by the department to local law enforcement officials and school officials. The program must include a means by which responses at the local level are determined and evaluated for effectiveness. The department shall ensure that appropriate training is provided to program personnel in all of the following areas:

(a) Crisis management, including recognizing mental illness and emotional disturbance.

(b) The resources that are available in the community for providing mental health treatment and other human services.

(c) Other matters determined by the department to be relevant to the administration and operation of the program.


R 340.1011. Role of school social worker.

Rule 1. A school social worker may function in any of the following roles: (d) Provide instruction, modeling, and coaching to students, parents, and school staff in the implementation of effective behavior intervention strategies and techniques. Provide ongoing guidance and training services to parents and school staff on topics pertinent to the development, mental health, and learning needs of students.

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