Nevada School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Gang-related Activity

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Nevada School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Gang-related Activity

Category: Discipline Addressing Specific Code of Conduct Violations
Subcategory: Gang-related Activity
State: Nevada

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NRS 388.532. Development of programs.

2. The State Board in cooperation with the board of trustees of the various county school districts may seek the cooperation of private industry in developing for pupils in all grades programs and activities designed to reduce the number of pupils who participate in the activities of criminal gangs, as defined in NRS 213.1263.

NRS 392.4635. Policy for prohibition of activities of criminal gangs on school property.

1. The board of trustees of each school district shall establish a policy that prohibits the activities of criminal gangs on school property.

2. The policy established pursuant to subsection 1 may include, without limitation:

(a) The provision of training for the prevention of the activities of criminal gangs on school property.

(b) If the policy includes training:

(1) A designation of the grade levels of the pupils who must receive the training.

(2) A designation of the personnel who must receive the training, including, without limitation, personnel who are employed in schools at the grade levels designated pursuant to subparagraph (1).

The board of trustees of each school district shall ensure that the training is provided to the pupils and personnel designated in the policy.

(c) Provisions which prohibit:

(1) A pupil from wearing any clothing or carrying any symbol on school property that denotes membership in or an affiliation with a criminal gang; and

(2) Any activity that encourages participation in a criminal gang or facilitates illegal acts of a criminal gang.

(d) Provisions which provide for the suspension or expulsion pursuant to NRS 392.466 and 392.467 of pupils who violate the policy.

3. The board of trustees of each school district may develop the policy required pursuant to subsection 1 in consultation with:

(a) Local law enforcement agencies;

(b) School police officers, if any;

(c) Persons who have experience regarding the actions and activities of criminal gangs;

(d) Organizations which are dedicated to alleviating criminal gangs or assisting members of criminal gangs who wish to disassociate from the gang; and

(e) Any other person deemed necessary by the board of trustees.

4. As used in this section, "criminal gang" has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 213.1263.


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