Nevada School Discipline Laws & Regulations: State Model Policies and Implementation Support

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Nevada School Discipline Laws & Regulations: State Model Policies and Implementation Support

Category: Prevention, Behavioral Interventions, and Supports
Subcategory: State Model Policies and Implementation Support
State: Nevada

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NRS 388.505. Mandatory education and training for staff.

1. The Department shall develop a model program of education for use by the school districts to train the members of the staff of the schools within the school districts who are identified in the individualized education programs of pupils with disabilities to provide services to those pupils. The model program of education must provide instruction in positive behavioral interventions and positive behavioral supports that:

(a) Includes positive methods to modify the environment of pupils with disabilities to promote adaptive behavior and reduce the occurrence of inappropriate behavior;

(b) Includes methods to teach skills to pupils with disabilities so that the pupils can replace inappropriate behavior with adaptive behavior;

(c) Includes methods to enhance the independence and quality of life for pupils with disabilities;

(d) Includes the use of the least intrusive methods to respond to and reinforce the behavior of pupils with disabilities; and

(e) Offers a process for designing interventions based upon the pupil that are focused on promoting appropriate changes in behavior as well as enhancing the overall quality of life for the pupil.

2. The board of trustees of each school district shall provide for appropriate training for the members of the staff of the schools within the school district who are authorized to carry out and monitor physical restraint and mechanical restraint to ensure that those members of the staff are qualified to carry out the procedures in accordance with NRS 388.471 to 388.515, inclusive.

NRS 388.1341. Development of informational pamphlet by Department; annual review and update; posting on Internet website; development of tutorial.

1. The Department, in consultation with persons who possess knowledge and expertise in discrimination based on race, bullying and cyber-bullying, shall, to the extent money is available, develop an informational pamphlet to assist pupils and the parents or legal guardians of pupils enrolled in schools in this State in resolving incidents of discrimination based on race, bullying or cyber-bullying. If developed, the pamphlet must include, without limitation:

(a) A summary of the policy prescribed by the Department pursuant to NRS 388.133 and the provisions of NRS 388.121 to 388.1395, inclusive, and sections 4, 5 and 6;

(b) A description of practices which have proven effective in preventing and resolving violations of NRS 388.135 in schools, which must include, without limitation, methods to identify and assist pupils who are at risk for discrimination based on race, bullying and cyber-bullying; and

(c) An explanation that the parent or legal guardian of a pupil who is involved in a reported violation of NRS 388.135 may request an appeal of a disciplinary decision made against the pupil as a result of the violation, in accordance with the policy governing disciplinary action adopted by a governing body.

2. If the Department develops a pamphlet pursuant to subsection 1, the Department shall review the pamphlet on an annual basis and make such revisions to the pamphlet as the Department determines are necessary to ensure the pamphlet contains current information.

3. If the Department develops a pamphlet pursuant to subsection 1, the Department shall post a copy of the pamphlet on the Internet website maintained by the Department.

4. To the extent the money is available, the Department shall develop a tutorial which must be made available on the Internet website maintained by the Department that includes, without limitation, the information contained in the pamphlet developed pursuant to subsection 1, if such a pamphlet is developed by the Department.


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