Northern Mariana Islands School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Alternative placements

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Northern Mariana Islands School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Alternative placements

Category: Exclusionary Discipline: Suspension, Expulsion, and Alternative Placement
Subcategory: Alternative placements
State: Northern Mariana Islands

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§ 60-20-530. Alternative learning settings.

(a) Pursuant to CNMI law (3 CMC § 1132), the Board "shall establish and provide such academic and vocational programs as are appropriate and beneficial to the students and shall serve the needs of the community." As part of this responsibility, the Board has adopted this section to address instructional programs for students at-risk and to establish alternative learning settings to enable students to achieve their educational goals and requirements, such as grade promotions and high school graduation.

(b) Advanced Development Institute (ADI)

(1) ADI is an alternative high school program. The purpose of ADI is to allow students aged sixteen and older, who have not completed high school, to achieve success by making a positive connection with academic and vocational training, employers and work, mentors and tutors, families and community in an atmosphere that is welcoming, comfortable and sensitive to their individual needs, skills and learning styles. ADI teaches students to develop their critical, creative, communication and occupational skills through course offerings including reading and writing, consumer economics, health, government and law, occupational knowledge, and community resources. Graduates of ADI move into the private and public workforce with the skills necessary to achieve success.

(2) The CNMI Board of Education is authorized by law and Board regulations to award diplomas for secondary education. Graduates of ADI must complete two phases to receive an alternative high school diploma. The first phase consists of the ADI academic courses, including English, math, community resources, consumer economics, government and law, occupational knowledge and health. Five academic courses in the first phase must be passed. The second phase requires the students to gain career experience through a vocational or occupational program at a post-secondary institution or by working or volunteering in the community.

(3) A minimum of ninety minutes of daily instructional time shall be provided to students in the alternative high school program of ADI. The subjects are the academic courses in the first phase listed above. Any departure from the time and/or subject requirements will require express prior approval from the Commissioner of Education that is subject to Board review upon request.

(c) Lina'la' Malawasch Academy (LMA)

The Lina'la' Malawasch Academy (LMA) is an alternative learning setting for students grades seven and eight who have demonstrated behavioral problems that require intervention. Lina'la' malawasch means life, well-being and a new beginning in the Chamorro and Carolinian languages. The goal of LMA is to offer a second chance to students by creating an environment for students to improve their behavior, attendance and academic performance to enable them to reenter the general student population and proceed towards graduation from high school. The academic requirements for LMA students are similar to the PSS requirements and Board regulations regarding other junior high school students.

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