Ohio School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Communication of Policy

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Ohio School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Communication of Policy

Category: Codes of Conduct
Subcategory: Communication of Policy
State: Ohio

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5.2296. School Bullying Prevention and Awareness Act.

The month of September shall be designated as "School Bullying Prevention Awareness Month" to highlight the policies prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying adopted by schools in the state and the required notice of those policies sent to parents and guardians annually under section 3313.666 of the Revised Code.

3313.661. Policy regarding suspension, expulsion, removal, and permanent exclusion.

A copy of the policy shall be posted in a central location in the school and made available to pupils upon request. No pupil shall be suspended, expelled, or removed except in accordance with the policy adopted by the board of education of the school district in which the pupil attends school, and no pupil shall be permanently excluded except in accordance with sections 3301.121 and 3313.662 of the Revised Code.

[...] (C) The written policy of each board of education that is adopted pursuant to section 3313.20 of the Revised Code shall be posted in a central location in each school that is subject to the policy and shall be made available to pupils upon request.

3313.666. District policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, or bullying required.

(C) Each board's policy shall appear in any student handbooks, and in any of the publications that set forth the comprehensive rules, procedures, and standards of conduct for schools and students in the district. The policy and an explanation of the seriousness of bullying by electronic means shall be made available to students in the district and to their custodial parents or guardians. Information regarding the policy shall be incorporated into employee training materials.

(D)(1) To the extent that state or federal funds are appropriated for this purpose, each board shall require that all students enrolled in the district annually be provided with age-appropriate instruction, as determined by the board, on the board's policy, including a written or verbal discussion of the consequences for violations of the policy.

(2) Each board shall require that once each school year a written statement describing the policy and the consequences for violations of the policy be sent to each student's custodial parent or guardian. The statement may be sent with regular student report cards or may be delivered electronically.


3301-35-15. Standards for the implementation of positive behavior intervention supports and the use of restraint and seclusion.

(H) Policies and procedures. A school district shall develop written policies and procedures concerning the use of seclusion and restraint that are consistent with the policy on positive behavior interventions and support, restraint and seclusion, as adopted by the state board of education January 2013 (education.ohio.gov). A district's complaint procedures shall include

(1) A procedure for a parent to present written complaints to the superintendent of the school district to initiate a complaint investigation by the school district regarding an incident of restraint or seclusion; and

(2) A requirement that the school district shall respond to the parent in writing within thirty days of the filing of a complaint regarding an incident of restraint or seclusion.

These policies and procedures shall be accessible on the district's website, and each district shall be responsible for notifying all parents annually of its policies and procedures concerning seclusion and restraint.

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