Ohio School Discipline Laws & Regulations: School-based Behavioral Health Programs

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Ohio School Discipline Laws & Regulations: School-based Behavioral Health Programs

Category: Prevention, Behavioral Interventions, and Supports
Subcategory: School-based Behavioral Health Programs
State: Ohio

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3313.668. Removal from school based on absences; removal of students in grades pre-K through three.

(2) Whenever possible, the principal shall consult with a mental health professional under contract with the district or school prior to suspending or expelling a student in any of grades pre-kindergarten through three. If the events leading up to suspension or expulsion indicate a need for additional mental health services, the student's principal or the district's mental health professional shall, in any manner that does not result in a financial burden to the school district or school, assist the student's parent or guardian with locating providers or obtaining those services, including referral to an independent mental health professional. Nothing in this division shall be construed to limit the responsibilities of a school district or school with respect to the provision of special education and related services under Chapter 3323. of the Revised Code.

3317.26. Disposition of student wellness and success funds.

(B) In any fiscal year, a city, local, exempted village, or joint vocational school district, community school, or STEM school shall spend the student wellness and success funds it receives for any of the following initiatives or a combination of any of the following initiatives:

(1) Mental health services.


3301-35-01. Purpose and definitions.

(A) The purpose for adopting the rules in this chapter, which comprise the operating standards for Ohio school districts and elementary and secondary schools, is to assure that all students are provided a general education of high quality. The rules in this chapter establish specific expectations for school districts and schools to use in creating the best learning conditions for meeting the personalized and individualized needs of each student and achieving state and local educational goals and objectives. The operating standards focus on the most critical expectations for school districts and schools in order to foster a regulatory system that focuses on improving outputs and student outcomes.

(B) The following terms are defined as they are used in this chapter:

(10) "Educational service personnel" means individuals who hold appropriate qualifications and who possess the knowledge, skills and expertise to support the educational, instructional, health, mental health and college and career readiness needs for all students.

(a) Educational service personnel that support educational, instructional and college and career readiness programs include, but are not limited to: fine arts, music, and physical education teachers; librarian or media specialists; school counselors; and reading intervention specialists;

(b) Educational service personnel that support the learning needs of the special needs student population include, but are not limited to: gifted intervention specialists, adapted physical education teachers, audiologists, interpreters, speech-language pathologists, physical and occupational therapists, and English-as-a-second-language specialist;

(c) Educational service personnel that support the health and mental health of the student population include, but are not limited to: school nurses, social workers, school psychologists, and school resource officers.

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