Oregon School Discipline Laws & Regulations: School-based Behavioral Health Programs

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Oregon School Discipline Laws & Regulations: School-based Behavioral Health Programs

Category: Prevention, Behavioral Interventions, and Supports
Subcategory: School-based Behavioral Health Programs
State: Oregon

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329.095. School district and school self-evaluations; local district continuous improvement plans; technical assistance.

(4) The local district continuous improvement plan shall include:

(d) A needs assessment, which shall:

(B) Address the following priorities:

(ii) Meeting students' mental or behavioral health needs.

339.331. Mission; duties; annual report; staff; funding.

(1) There is created the Center for School Safety within the University of Oregon. The mission of the center shall be to:

(a) Serve as the central point for data analysis;

(b) Conduct research;

(c) Disseminate information about successful school safety programs, research results and new programs; and

(d) Provide technical assistance for improving the safety of schools in collaboration with the Department of Education and others.

(2) To fulfill its mission, the Center for School Safety shall:

(a) Establish a clearinghouse for information and materials concerning school violence prevention and intervention services. As used in this paragraph, "intervention services" means any preventive, developmental, corrective or supportive service or treatment provided to a student who is at risk of school failure, is at risk of participation in violent behavior or juvenile crime or has been expelled from the school district. "Intervention services" may include, but is not limited to:

(A) Screening to identify students at risk for emotional disabilities or antisocial behavior.

339.341. Statewide School Safety and Prevention System; rules.

(2) The Department of Education shall establish and maintain the Statewide School Safety and Prevention System.

(3) The system required under this section shall consist of the following:

(b) Assistance to school districts and education service districts in decreasing youth suicidal behavior through the implementation of effective prevention programs and student wellness programs that focus on early identification and intervention by school safety and prevention specialists, as described in subsection (4) of this section, who:

(B) Support coordination between schools and health agencies, including public and private behavioral health providers [...]

(5) The State Board of Education, in consultation with the Oregon Health Authority and other representatives of school districts, education service districts, school employees, human services, mental health professionals and law enforcement agencies, shall adopt rules related to the system required under this section.


581-029-0001. School Safety and Prevention System.

(1) The following definitions apply to the School Safety and Prevention system established in ORS 339.341:

(a) "Evidenced-based, Multitiered Practice" means a practice implemented by the school-wide system that:

(A) Provides services across three tiers: universal, selected, and targeted supports;

(B) Promotes the mental health and well-being of students and supports academic, behavioral and social-emotional success for students, within a multitiered framework with an emphasis on protected classes, historically, traditionally and currently underserved students and youth, by matching increasing levels of culturally and linguistically responsive support to empower students to meet their needs and goals.

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