Utah School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Alternative placements

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Utah School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Alternative placements

Category: Exclusionary Discipline: Suspension, Expulsion, and Alternative Placement
Subcategory: Alternative placements
State: Utah

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§ 53E-3-501. State board to establish miscellaneous minimum standards for public schools.

(1) The state board shall establish rules and minimum standards for the public schools that are consistent with this public education code, including rules and minimum standards governing the following:

(c)(iii) alternative and pilot programs.

§ 53G-6-209. Truancy support centers.

(4) In a district with a truancy support center, all students suspended or expelled from school shall be referred to the center. A parent shall appear with the student at the center within 48 hours of the suspension or expulsion, not including weekends or holidays. The student shall register and attend classes at the truancy support center for the duration of the suspension or expulsion unless the parent demonstrates that alternative arrangements have been made for the education or supervision of the student during the time of suspension or expulsion.

§ 53G-8-205. Grounds for suspension or expulsion from a public school.

(2)(b) A student who commits a violation of Subsection (2)(a) involving a real or look alike weapon, explosive, or flammable material shall be expelled from school for a period of not less than one year subject to the following:

(ii) the superintendent, chief administrator, or designee shall determine:

(B) if the student should be placed on probation in a regular or alternative school setting consistent with Section 53G-8-208, and what conditions must be met by the student in order to ensure the safety of students and faculty at the school the student is placed in.

§ 53G-8-207. Alternatives to suspension or expulsion.

(1) Each local school board or charter school governing board shall establish:

(b) alternatives to suspension, including policies that allow a student to remain in school under an in-school suspension program or under a program allowing the parent, with the consent of the student's teacher or teachers, to attend class with the student for a period of time specified by a designated school official.

§ 53G-8-208. Student suspended or expelled–Responsibility of parent–Application for students with disabilities.

(1) If a student is suspended or expelled from a public school under this part for more than 10 school days, the parent is responsible for undertaking an alternative education plan which will ensure that the student's education continues during the period of suspension or expulsion.

(2)(a) The parent shall work with designated school officials to determine how that responsibility might best be met through private education, an alternative program offered by or through the district or charter school, or other alternative which will reasonably meet the educational needs of the student.


R277-609-4. LEA Responsibility to Develop Plans.

(4) A plan described in Subsection (1) shall include:

(v) provisions that account for an individual LEA's or school's unique needs or circumstances, including:

(iv) a plan for referral for a student with a qualifying office to alternative school-related interventions, including:

(A) a mobile crisis outreach team, as defined in Section 78A-6-105;

(B) a receiving center operated by the Division of Juvenile Justice Services in accordance with Section 62A-7-104;

(C) a youth court.

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