Utah School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Scope

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Utah School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Scope

Category: Codes of Conduct
Subcategory: Scope
State: Utah

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§ 53G-8-203. Conduct and discipline policies and procedures.

(1) The conduct and discipline policies required under Section 53G-8-202 shall include:

(b) standards and procedures for dealing with students who cause disruption in the classroom, on school grounds, on school vehicles, or in connection with school-related activities or events; [...]

(e) standards and procedures for dealing with student conduct in locations other than those referred to in Subsection (1)(b), if the conduct threatens harm or does harm to:

(i) the school;

(ii) school property;

(iii) a person associated with the school; or

(iv) property associated with a person described in Subsection (1)(e)(iii).

§ 53G-9-602. Bullying, hazing, and cyber-bullying prohibited.

(1) A school employee or student may not engage in bullying a school employee or student:

(a) on school property;

(b) at a school related or sponsored event;

(c) on a school bus;

(d) at a school bus stop; or

(e) while the school employee or student is traveling to or from a location or event described in Subsections (1)(a) through (d).

(2) A school employee or student may not engage in hazing or cyber-bullying a school employee or student at any time or in any location.


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