Utah School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Search and Seizure

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Utah School Discipline Laws & Regulations: Search and Seizure

Category: Conditions on Use of Certain Forms of Discipline
Subcategory: Search and Seizure
State: Utah

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§ 53G-8-508. Admissibility of evidence in civil and criminal actions.

(1) Evidence relating to a violation of Section 53G-8-505, 53G-8-506, 53G-8-507, or 53G-8-509, which is seized by school authorities acting alone, on their own authority, and not in conjunction with or at the behest of law enforcement authorities is admissible in civil and criminal actions.

(2) An LEA shall dispose of or destroy seized electronic cigarette products in accordance with the LEA's policies adopted under Subsection 53G-8-203(3).

(3) A search under this section must be based on at least a reasonable belief that the search will turn up evidence of a violation of this part. The measures adopted for the search must be reasonably related to the objectives of the search and not excessively intrusive in light of the circumstances, including the age and sex of the person involved and the nature of the infraction.

§ 53G-8-509. Board rules to ensure protection of individual rights.

The state board and LEA governing boards shall adopt rules or policies to implement Sections 53G-8-505 through 53G-8-508. The rules or policies shall establish procedures to ensure protection of individual rights against excessive and unreasonable intrusion.


R277-615-3. Superintendent responsibilities.

(1) The Superintendent shall provide consistent definitions for LEAs to include in search and seizure policies.

(2) The Superintendent shall develop a model search and seizure policy as guidance for LEAs.

(3) The Superintendent shall require an assurance from LEAs in the Utah Consolidated Report regarding the student search policy required under Section 53G-8-509.

R277-615-4. LEA responsibilities.

(1) An LEA shall update the LEA's policy for searching students for controlled substances and weapons to include provisions related to searching students for electronic cigarette products.

(2) An LEA shall include appropriate interested parties in the development of student search policies, including:

(a) parents;

(b) school employees; and

(c) licensed school employees.

(3) An LEA policy described in Subsection (1) shall ensure protection of individual student rights against excessive and unreasonable intrusion.

(4) An LEA shall make policies available electronically and in printed form to parents and students upon enrollment.

(5) An LEA shall provide adequate training to appropriate classes of employees for fair and consistent implementation of student search policies.

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