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Changes Made to EDSCLS Platform/VM 3.9


Updated Linux Kernel (replacing

What users need to do: For users who are currently using an earlier version of the EDSCLS platform/VM, IT administrators can (1) install the EDSCLS VM 3.9, which includes these updates, or (2) manually apply patches from the terminal command line (see EDSCLS User Guide Sections 2.1.1 Installation and Configuration and 2.1.5 Security Patches and Upgrades for instructions). Users can also power the older platform/VM off after a data collection has ended to prevent cyber-attacks (see EDSCLS User Guide Section 2.1.1 Installation and Configuration) and download the most recent VM before the next data collection.

Results and Reporting

No changes were made to the results and reporting functions in this update.


No changes were made to the administration functions in this update.

Recommended Steps for Users of Past EDSCLS VM Versions Transitioning to EDSCLS VM 3.9

If you have already downloaded a previous version of the EDSCLS VM and wish to transition to the latest EDSCLS VM, review the options below to prevent a loss of data.

Option 1: Keep the older EDSCLS VM on your server to house data from previous survey administrations. Then simply download the new EDSCLS VM and follow the installation instructions. Thus, you will have multiple VMs on your server storing your older and newer data.

Please see User Guide Section 2.1 System Setup in Virtual Environment for updated VM installation technical requirements. Note: Your server will require sufficient RAM and free hard disk space if you run multiple VMs on the same server. You also need to power off your old VM to prevent security breaches.

Option 2: If you do not wish to keep multiple versions of the EDSCLS VM on your server, and want to delete the older EDSCLS VM, you must first export all data reports you would like to save and export the raw data from the older EDSCLS VM for future use. If you do not, you will lose all the data stored in the older VM when it is deleted. It’s always a good idea to clone your current VM so that you have a back-up copy (see User Guide Section 2.1.4 Virtual Machine Back-Up for cloning instructions).

If you are currently collecting data using the EDSCLS VM, we recommend you NOT transition to the new EDSCLS VM until your data collection is complete.

Instructions on How to Download and Start Using the EDSCLS VM 3.9

To help you navigate the administration of the EDSCLS, we have created a variety of tools. Below you will find links to download the latest EDSCLS VM, the EDSCLS User Guide which has been updated to reflect lessons learned, the updated EDSCLS Survey Item Lists, the updated EDSCLS Codebooks, and the Nonresponse Bias Worksheet.

We recommend that you download and read the EDSCLS User Guide before downloading the EDSCLS VM. Section 2.1 System Setup in Virtual Environment in the User Guide, which was just carefully updated, is intended for the education agency’s IT staff who will be in charge of downloading, installing, and configuring the EDSCLS web-based platform. Section 2.2 EDSCLS Administration is intended for Survey Administrators, who oversee the survey data collection through the EDSCLS dashboard.