Benchmark Performance Levels

To help EDSCLS users more readily interpret and compare the results that the EDSCLS generates, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) has benchmarked scale scores, beginning with VM 3.0 (released in December 2017). As such, the EDSCLS now produces graphs showing three performance levels into which the benchmarked scale scores may fall:

  • Least Favorable (scale scores below 300);
  • Favorable (scale scores 300-400) and;
  • Most Favorable (scale scores above 400-500).

The benchmarking allows users to compare performance levels no matter the topic or domain. For example, if students in a school are in performance level 1 (Least Favorable) for Engagement and performance level 2 (Favorable) for Safety, it suggests that they perceive the school is not doing as well in engaging students as it is in providing for safety.

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