Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment on Our Nation's School Buses

Event Date: 
June 08, 2011 - 01:45pm to 05:00pm EDT


The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Healthy Students and the Safe and Supportive Schools Technical Assistance Center partnered with the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) to coordinate a special event on Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment on Our Nation’s School Buses.

The purpose of the event was to bring together national and state leaders, representatives of key education organizations, and other federal agencies who want to improve working conditions for our nation’s school bus drivers, create a safe a respectful environment on our schools buses, and create confidence and partnerships in school with administrators, teachers, parents, students and community members.

Materials from this event, including presentations and related training modules, are below.

1. Overview of National Priorities Related to Safe and Supportive School Environments

           Kevin Jennings, Former Assistant Deputy Secretary, OSHS
           Presentation slides (PDF)

2. Summary of Bus Driver’s Needs: Recent Survey Results

          Mike Martin, Executive Director, NAPT
          Peter Manella, Executive Director, NY Association for Pupil Transportation
          Presentation slides (PDF)

3. Overview of Online Modules Developed for School Bus Drivers

         Tim Duffey, Training Specialist, Safe and Supportive Schools TA Center 
         Presentation slides (PDF)
         Module Summary Handouts (DOC)

DESIGN TEAM NOTE: These modules are intentionally designed to be offered as a series. The content of each module complements and completes the content contained in the other module. While Module 1 (See Something. Do Something. Intervening in Bullying Behavior) addresses how to identify and effectively intervene when bullying occurs (including tips on de-escalation), Module 2 (Creating a Supportive Bus Climate: Preventing Bullying) considers effective strategies to build a bus climate where bullying is less likely to occur. It’s our belief that bus drivers and students alike are best served when BOTH modules are covered with drivers within a short timeframe of one another.

*Please return to this site once you’ve delivered this module and complete a short survey (see link below) to provide feedback on how this content can be improved in the future.

        Module 1 - See Something. Do Something: Intervening in Bullying Behavior

              Trainer’s Guide, Overview, and Outline (PDF)
              PowerPoint (PPT)
              Handouts (PDF)
              Module 1 Trainer Feedback

        Module 2 - Creating a Supportive Bus Climate: Preventing Bullying

              Trainer’s Guide, Overview, and Outline (PDF)
              PowerPoint (PPT)
              Handouts (PDF)
              Module 2 Trainer Feedback

        Training Collaterals

              Binder cover (PDF)
              Posters (PDF)
              Palm card (PDF)

4. U.S. Department of Education Bullying Prevention Efforts

           Deborah Tempkin, Former Research and Policy Coordinator for Bullying Prevention Initiatives, OSHS
           Presentation slides (PDF)

5. Action Planning: Integration of New Training Modules and Next Steps

          Sandy Keenan, Director, Safe and Supportive Schools TA Center
          Action Planning: Integrating New Training Modules (DOC)
          Action Planning: Next Steps (DOC)