Psychology of School Threat Assessments

Event Date: 
October 17, 2019 -
08:30am to 04:30pm
October 18, 2019 -
08:30am to 05:00pm

Examine the psychological and behavioral aspects of threat assessment and management. Gain understanding in normal versus abnormal child and adolescent behaviors, identifying red-flags, why threats are made, and how threats can be managed along a pathway toward violence (both short and long-term) to ensure personnel safety. Review common problems in school threat assessment and propose solutions. Learn multidisciplinary threat assessment and management strategies and explore empirically based youth-violence risk and protective factors. Review assessment tools for use in the school system. Participate in simulated threat assessments and management with followup discussion (hotwash).

Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Implement a multidisciplinary threat assessment and management plan;
  • Identify normal versus abnormal childhood behavior and the nuances related to increasing threat;
  • Determine accurate youth violence risk and protective factors;
  • Diagnose problems within your own threat assessment and management protocols; and
  • Leverage new assessment tools within the school system.

Registration: Register for the in-person event here.