REL Webinar: Addressing Collective Trauma and Supporting the Well-being of Students and School Staff

Event Date: 
January 21, 2021 - 10:45am EST

COVID-19 and racial inequities are unfortunate realities that can lead to student trauma. REL Southwest  hosted a free webinar on collective trauma in the current contexts of COVID-19 and social injustice. In this interactive webinar, presenters discussed collective trauma and how it may affect staff and students. Afterward, participants joined a breakout session to explore one of the following:

  1. four-step model for working through collective trauma, particularly racial trauma
  2. a session to learn how integrating trauma-sensitive strategies and social-emotional learning (SEL) can support a holistic approach to meeting student and staff needs

Participants —

  • Gained a better understanding of the definition and effects of collective trauma among adults and children
  • Became aware of the research base and evidence of the effects of collective trauma among adults and children
  • Understood how to engage in solutions-based discussions and collective reflection on community trauma related to social injustice and inequity
  • Understood how designing approaches that integrate trauma-sensitive strategies and SEL can help address collective trauma and inequity

This webinar was designed for a broad national audience of principals, instructional coaches, teachers, district staff, and state education staff.

Accesss the webinar and supplemental materials.