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The Grantee Exchange is a place where grantees from any grant program can exchange thoughts, ideas, and questions with other NCSSLE grantees. The idea is to facilitate cross-grantee interaction outside of individual grant programs.

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Looking Ahead: Future Grantee Activities

As noted in the 2022 APRs of the MHSP, SBMH, P2C2, and TR grant programs, 2019/2020 grantees plan to do the following activities this year:                            To support 2019/2020 grantees in realizing their goals, NCSSLE plans to continue and/or offer the…
Grantee Exchange

Share your Logic Models!

Greetings, grantees! In light of our "Theory of Change and Logic Models" Webinar yesterday, we invite you to share your Logic Model with your fellow grantees. Please respond to this post with your examples and take a look at others! 
Grantee Exchange

Addressing Common Grantee Challenges

The following challenges and barriers were noted in the 2022 APRs of the MHSP, SBMH, P2C2, and TR grant programs (see below). Consider the challenges you faced in implementing your project last year and respond to the questions below.   Do you anticipate facing…
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Celebrating Grantee Successes in 2022

The above action verbs were taken directly from the 2022 APRs of the MHSP, SBMH, P2C2, and TR grant programs. These verbs describe the activities, progress, and impact you all made last year. Congratulations to all grantees on accomplishing your goals and creating…
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Happy National School Nurse Day!

School Nurse Day - National Association of School Nurses ( School Nurse Day 2023: Wednesday, May 10, 2023  "Since 1972, National School Nurse Day has been set aside to recognize school nurses. National School Nurse Day was established to foster a better…
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Season 2 of "In Session" Podcast Series

Calling all NCSSLE grantees interested in being part of season 2 of “In Session”, NCSSLE's audio podcast series that highlights grantee voices through discussion on a range of topics. Episodes are published on the NCSSLE website and Spotify and are available to the…