Preventing and Responding to Discrimination

Today, our nation and the broader international community are challenged to think more critically and strategically about the growing number of security issues caused by conflict and persecution.  These issues have largely been infiltrated by historic levels of civil conflict, particularly in the Middle East, causing influx numbers of displaced individuals fleeing violence. Subsequently, this has sparked a number of public debates, sometimes resulting in the dissemination of misinformation. As a result, there has been an increase in fear and anger across communities which have led to heightened discrimination and exclusion of individuals based on race, religion and national origin.

As a country who stands by its commitment to welcome refugees, we must be vigilant about maintaining safe, respectful and nondiscriminatory environments, particularly in school and learning settings. It is crucial for schools and district leaders to feel supported and prepared to handle incidents and behaviors that are threats to the emotional and physical safety of not only refugee students, but all students. The following list of resources provides guidance and support for teachers and school leaders implementing strategies to ensure that students are not subjected to discrimination or harassment based on race, religion, or national origin.  

Below is a list of resources.