NCSSLE Federal Grantee 2016 Training Series

On behalf of the U.S. Department of Education (ED)/Office of Safe and Healthy Students, the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) is providing a range of training support for Project Prevent(P2) and Elementary and Secondary School Counseling (ESSC) grantees through September. In particular, NCSSLE Technical Assistant Specialists and select presenters are hosting three types of training events: Online Learning Events, Office Hours and Communities of Practice. Below is a description of each training type and list of archived events linked to an event page with the archived recording, presentation, and other resources.

Online Learning Events

Online Learning Event’s include a mix of presentations on a range of topics, Q&A with expert presenters, discussion with peers, ED Grantee Panel discussion, and activities to explore practical applications of what is presented and discussed. For each Online Learning Event, NCSSLE will integrate how each topic connects to data collection/GPRA and school climate improvements.

Office Hours

Based on the grantee needs assessments, we know that ESSC and P2 grantees are implementing a range of evidence-based programs (EBP’s) and face challenges in implementing with fidelity. The office hours will provide a space for grantees to collaborate and hear from evidence-based program experts (developers and/or trainers) on how to overcome implementation challenges of ED grantees' commonly implemented evidence-based programs.

Community of Practice

Extended facilitated sessions to operationalize content from Online Learning Events (reflect on your implementation in your district/schools, consider improvements) or any other topics you wish to discuss. With peers, grantees will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, problem solve issues, and connect with resources and experts.  Notes and resources from these calls are available on private grantee sites.

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