New Research Demonstrates That Coping Skills and Relationships with Trusted Adults Are Protective Factors

A recent study revealed that the "capacity to identify, manage, and recover from painful emotions," as well as relationships with trusted adults, help protect adolescents from suicide attempts even in the face of risk factors such as depression. The authors suggested that it might be fruitful to develop and evaluate interventions that promote parent-child communication and the ability of youth to cope with the emotional consequences of events such as the breakup of a relationship or conflicts with family members and peers.  Learn more here.

This research summary is based on:

Pisani, A, Wyman, P, Petrova, M, Schmeelk-Cone, K, Goldston, D, Xia, Y., & Gould, S. (2013). Emotion regulation difficulties, youth-adult relationships, and suicide attempts among high school students. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 42(6), 807-20.