The Capacities LEAs and SEAs Need to Improve their School Mental Health Programs with NCCSLE Technical Assistance Specialist Frank Rider (October 2023)

On this episode of “In Session,” we speak with Frank Rider, a seasoned Technical Assistance Specialist (TAS) at NCSSLE, about the capacities LEAs and SEAs need to improve their school mental health programs and systems. As he nears the end of his career, Frank draws from his vast experience in the field to share his experiences and lessons learned. Specifically, he discusses common characteristics of successful change initiatives, where to start and how to take it to the next level, advice for new grant managers, and more. Frank's episode is helpful for both new grantees (P2C3 and others) and those grantees who are nearing the end of their grants (MHSP 2019, P2C2, SBMH 2020, TR). This conversation is guided by NCSSLE’s Annie Knowles and Brianna Cunniff.  

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Question / Topic Discussed 


Welcome and introduction  


Common characteristics of technical assistance (TA) recipients who have successfully facilitated change initiatives  


Key characteristics of a compelling impetus for change  


Recognizing the important phases of systems change for successful change initiatives  


Primary advice for first time grant managers  


Secondary piece of advice for new grant leaders  


Lesson learned both personally and through work with successful initiatives  


Suggestions for technical assistance providers aiming to support successful grant funded system change initiatives  


Defining SAMHSA and GPRA  


Challenges and questions for grant managers close to the end of the grant cycle 


Taking an initiative to the “next level”  


What Frank has learned from successful change agents through his TA work  


Final takeaways and closing  

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