Trauma-Informed Support and Community Collaboration with Dr. Teri Lawler

On this episode of “In Session,” we talk to Dr. Teri Lawler, a Trauma Recovery Demonstration Grant recipient, about Project THRIVE at the Delaware State Department of Education, a program that provides free mental health services to eligible Delaware students who would benefit from trauma-specific intervention support. Teri is joined by the following partners supporting Project THRIVE: Dan Cruce, Chief Operating Officer at United Way of Delaware; Peggy Geisler, PMG Owner and Senior Strategic Consultant; and Dr. Heidi Sweetman, Program Evaluator at Sweetman Evaluation Consulting.

Time Stamp Question / Topic Discussed
1:50 Introduction of Teri and her work.
5:00 Who have you started to partner with to make this work happen?
6:21 What unexpected partners did you develop – those that weren't who you originally thought you would partner with to do trauma recovery work?
9:54 Who have you brought to the table to communicate the services provided within Project THRIVE? What doors have you knocked on to make sure people are aware of the services?
18:11 Could you talk more about community organizations as credible messengers and potentially the largest sources of referral?
20:07 What are some of your highlights or successes around the partnerships?
28:38 Are there specific strategies you found to be particularly successful in initiating and maintaining partnerships?
34:04 What's next for you as a partnership? What's your growth edge in this multi-sector collaborative to support this great work?
38:50 Thank you.

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