Module 1: Resilience in the Face of Adversity

Module 1 offers trainers or professional development staff materials to address the effects of stress and trauma on the brain, as well as the major elements of resilience. It contains a comprehensive training guide, companion slide presentation, and accompanying handouts.

This is one of four modules that comprise the Building Student Resilience Toolkit. The Toolkit is designed to assist middle school and junior high school educators in strengthening their skills for nurturing student resilience. Use the blue side-bar menu to explore the Toolkit.



1. Building Student Resilience Toolkit Trainer's Guide

This Trainer’s Guide introduces staff to the concept of building student resilience. The guide presents instructions to facilitate content delivery in a live, face-to-face setting. When necessary, guidance is also provided for adapting the content to virtual settings. The guide provides narrative prompts, step-by-step instructions, and activities that follow the handouts and presentation below.

2. Individual Handouts

  1. Handout 1: Assess Your Knowledge
  2. Handout 2: Indicators of Toxic Stress
  3. Handout 3: Classroom Triggering
  4. Handout 4: Classroom Environment Assessment
  5. Handout 5: Seven Strategies for Fostering Resilience
  6. Handout 6: Post-Event Self-Assessment
  7. Handout A: Pre-Event Self-Assessment (Optional)

These handouts include checklists, worksheets, practice guides, and discussion questions for supporting school staff in addressing the effects of stress and trauma. 

3. PowerPoint

This PowerPoint can be used along with the Trainer's Guide to facilitate live content delivery. Upon completing this presentation, participants will be able to: 1) explain the definition of resilience; 2) differentiate between stress that is necessary for growth and stress that is damaging and toxic; 3) acknowledge the effects of trauma; and 4) articulate four factors that promote student resilience.