Completing College: A State Level View of Student Completion Rates - Fall 2012 Cohort

Provides state result tables that include completion rate statistics disaggregated by demographic variables (i.e., age, gender, and race and ethnicity), enrollment intensity, school type, and school level (i.e., two-year public, four-year public, and four-year private nonprofit). The following completion statistics are reported in each table for four-year schools: 1) total completion rate; 2) completion rate at the same institution; 3) completion rate at a different four-year institution; 4) completion rate at a different two-year institution;  5) percent still enrolled (at any institution); and 6) percent no longer enrolled (at any institution). For two-year schools, two additional statistics are included: 1) subsequent completion rate at a four-year institution; and 2) total four-year completion rate.

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