Human Trafficking: What Your Campus Needs to Know

Discusses the definition of human trafficking and its indicators, which are universal, as well as the impact on victims, including drug abuse, difficulty in reaching out for help, the need for victim advocacy, and how court proceedings work with victims against traffickers. It explores current federal and state laws and how agencies work to combat human trafficking in Baton Rouge, LA through undercover operations, community outreach, law enforcement training, and hotel outreach. The webinar will provides participants with an understanding of what human trafficking is and what indicators to look for in their area; signs to look for to identify possible victims of human trafficking; and what federal laws apply to these situations and what partners to connect with to help with this important topic. It is appropriate for anyone who is in a position to recognize or involved with efforts to combat human trafficking such as campus public safety officers and police, campus health center staff and providers, counseling center personnel, advocates, residential life staff, Title IX coordinators, and others.

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National Center for Campus Public Safety