Oxnard School District Acción Positiva

Oxnard School District, an Elementary and Secondary School Counseling grant recipient, provides mental health services to students and families living within the most underserved areas of Ventura County, California through Acción Positiva. The program is coordinated by Chris Ridge, the District’s Director of Pupil Services and utilizes a partnership between Oxnard School District and New Dawn counseling services, a local mental health services provider. Acción Positiva provides on-site, direct mental health services to over 100 students requiring intensive therapeutic counseling at seven of the district’s twenty schools. The team of service providers consists of three licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) and one licensed clinical social worker (LCSW). Eighty-four percent of those students are from Latino backgrounds, and 73% of the students served were receiving mental health services for the first time. Therapeutic outcomes, as reported by the program's therapists indicate a 75% progress rate in therapy. Additionally, 67% of the students showed improvement in adaptive behavior scores.