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Pennsauken, NJ Expanded Webpage with Mental Health Information, Connections and Resources to Meet the Needs of Students and Families

While preparing for Year 2 of Pennsauken Public School District’s Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant, grant co-director and school psychologist Alexandra Pensiero realized that having “an in-person presence” would be important to students in a virtual environment. Ms. Pensiero and her team created webpage on their website dedicated to Mental Health.  Within, they share general information, information about the grant, and Bitmoji classrooms for the district mental health providers and mental health interns to introduce themselves to students and to offer resources.

Specifically, the Mental Health tab on the school district’s website has a video explaining the grant School Mental Health Professionals Grant. The website provides information about activities like virtual Parent Information Nights. It also provides step by step instructions for teachers, parents, and students on the use of the BASC 3 BESS as a universal assessment tool for the district. It. As mentioned above, the Bitmoji classrooms allow mental health providers to share resources with students, parents, and teachers on topics such as stress management, coping with change, and general welfare.

Thomas Cox, grant co-director, featured below in his Bitmojii classroom says: “As a mental health provider in the district, I can say that this online component has been helpful in both my individual counseling sessions, and in giving parents and teachers easily accessible information on how to support themselves and their students during difficult times.”

To visit individual Bitmoji classrooms, click on the Mental Health tab and then click on Meet the Mental Health Professionals.



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