RX For Understanding: Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse

Contains easy to use, standards-based, cross curricular lesson plans for students, grades 9-12. Includes 10 lessons along with background and reference materials for teachers and handouts. Modules include: Lesson 1: What should we know about prescription abuse?; Lesson 2: Creating a Learning and Action Road Map; Lesson 3: Understanding Proper Use of Prescription Drugs; Lesson 4: Understanding Misuse of Prescription Drugs; Lesson 5:Understanding Prescription Drug Abuse; Lesson 6: Understanding the Issue of Prescription Drug Abuse in Our Community; Lesson 7: Investigating How to Make a Difference; Lesson 8: Communicating Important Messages about Prescription Drugs; Lesson 9: Turning Learning into Action; and Lesson 10: What have we Learned about Prescription Drug Abuse?

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National Education Association Health Information Network