SCIRP: Reference Manual on Making School Climate Improvements

Provides comprehensive guidance for improving school climate, organized into five overarching sets of activities: 1) Planning for School Climate Improvements; 2) Engaging Stakeholders in School Climate Improvements; 3) Collecting and Reporting School Climate Data (for both EDSCLS and non-EDSCLS users); 4) Choosing and Implementing School Climate Interventions; and 5) Monitoring and Evaluating Overall School Climate Improvements. For each set of activities, the Reference Manual includes action steps and objectives. For each objective, it presents a clear purpose and strategies that can help schools and districts develop an infrastructure to promote and sustain their efforts. It also includes related resources to learn more if needed. The Reference Manual is one component of many in the School Climate Improvement Resource Package

Sponsored By: 
Department of Education Office of Safe and Healthy Students
National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments