Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Prevention & Response Course (SPARC) and Training in Reducing Alcohol Consumption (TRAC) Online Trainings

Provides an online training system to assist colleges and universities in training students in prevention of sexual, interpersonal and related violence. SPARC 2.0 is easy to customize and comes with a User Guide and easy-to-follow implementation videos and webinars. TRAC - Training in Reducing Alcohol Consumption - is an independent, cutting-edge alcohol education program. The systems are designed to run as a course in any learning management system (such as BlackBoard, Canvas, BrightSpace, etc.). Rather than a static video with one-size-fits-all content, this system allows and even demands customization and personalization by institutions so that students are trained by their fellow students, as well as their faculty, staff and institutional leaders. The systems are free of charge. 

Sponsored By: 
State University of New York
City University of New York