Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence: California Universities Must Better Protect Students by Doing More to Prevent, Respond to, and Resolve Incidents

Reports that certain California universities do not ensure that all faculty and staff are sufficiently trained on responding to and reporting student incidents of sexual assault and sexual violence. Recommends the Legislature take the following actions: 1) Amend State law to require universities to educate all university employees annually, consistent with their role, on their obligations in responding to and reporting incidents of sexual harassment and sexual violence involving students; 2) Amend State law to expressly require that incoming students be provided education on sexual harassment and sexual violence as close as possible to when they arrive on campus but not later than the first few weeks of their first semester or quarter; and 3) Amend State law to require universities to provide information on their sexual harassment policies in additional prominent locations frequented by students, such as residence halls and other university housing and athletic facilities.

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California State Auditor