Tools for Improving Positive Outcomes Among Boys and Young Men of Color: Main Findings on Protective Factors and Programs

Describes three practice support tools that highlight research evidence on the experience of boys and young men of color, specifically, and youth of color in general. These tools include:

  • Ensuring the Well-being of Boys and Young Men of Color: Factors that Promote Success and Protect Against Substance Use and Misuse. This tool distills information from cross-sectional and longitudinal studies on factors that have been shown to either protect boys and young men of color from substance use and misuse, mitigate risks associated with adverse experiences or situations, or promote well-being

  • Positive Approaches to Preventing Substance Use and Misuse Among Boys and Young Men of Color: Programs and Strategies At-A-Glance. This tool provides summaries of interventions that have been shown to promote protective factors and positive youth development for boys and young men of color in the United States. These programs and strategies help young people develop social skills, civic and cultural competencies, positive attitudes toward community, and a strong sense of identity—examples of the abilities and attitudes that allow a young person to succeed and thrive.

  • Sources of Data on Substance Use and Misuse Among Boys and Young Men of Color: This tool offers a quick overview of key national, state, and local data sources that provide substance use consumption, consequences, and protective factor data for this population.

Each tool is based on a review of the literature; guidelines for the reviews are described in their respective tools.

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