School Climate Survey Compendium: K-12 Surveys

As States, districts and schools explore measuring school climate, one of the biggest questions they have is about which survey to use.  It can be difficult to know which surveys are valid and reliable, what they measure, and which are free.  

NCSSLE, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education, has compiled a list of valid and reliable school climate survey batteries (see below) to support States, districts and schools as they explore which school climate survey to administer in their community. (Alternatively, a summary table [PDF] of each survey by respondent type is also available.) 

NCSSLE reviews surveys for inclusion in this School Climate Survey Compendium on an ongoing basis.  Survey developers and users are welcome to nominate a survey if it is not included in the list below.

Nominate a Survey

Academic Optimism of Schools Surveys

American Institutes for Research Conditions for Learning Survey

Arizona YRBS and S3 School Climate Survey

Association of Alaska School Boards School Climate and Connectedness Survey

Authoritative School Climate Survey

California Healthy Kids Survey

California School Parent Survey

California School Staff Survey

Center for Research in Educational Policy School Climate Inventory

Classroom Climate Assessment Instrument - Secondary

Communities That Care Youth Survey

Community and Youth Collaborative Institute (CAYCI) School Experiences Surveys

Comprehensive School Climate Inventory

Consortium on Chicago School Research Survey of Chicago Public Schools

Culture of Excellence & Ethics Assessment (CEEA)

Delaware Bullying Victimization Scale

Delaware School Climate Survey

Effective School Battery

Flourishing Children Survey Social Competence

Georgia Department of Education School Climate Surveys

Maryland S3 Climate Survey

Organizational Climate Description for Schools

Pride Teaching and Learning Environment Surveys

REACH Survey

School Climate Assessment Instrument - Elementary

School Climate Assessment Instrument - Secondary

U.S. Department of Education School Climate Survey (EDSCLS)

NOTE: The U.S. Department of Education does not endorse any particular scale, survey, or item presented in this compendium. In addition, the database presented is not an exhaustive list of available measures or survey instruments. If you would like to nominate a survey that is not currently included in the compendium, go here.