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School Climate Improvement Online Modules

The School Climate Improvement Online Modules provide an opportunity for individuals engaged in school climate improvement to practice skills, including engaging leadership and other stakeholders; analyzing school climate data; and identifying evidence-based programs.*  Each module starts with some basics on school climate and then goes into an interactive activity.

The modules are one set of resources among a diverse collection of tools within the School Climate Improvement Resource Package. They accompany the release of the U.S. Department of Education’s School Climate Surveys (EDSCLS), but are designed to support users of any valid and reliable school climate survey(s), not just those using EDSCLS. 



Online Module 1: Understanding the Importance of School Climate and Engaging School Leadership in Its Improvement

This module gives you an opportunity to apply key information about school climate to strategically engage leadership.

Online Module 2: Engaging Staff, Students, and Families in Building a Positive School Climate

This module gives you an opportunity to think through strategies for engaging staff, students, and families in improving school climate.

Online Module 3: Putting Your Data in Context: A Big Picture View of School Climate

This module gives users, through a simulation activity using hypothetical data and a narrative, the chance to demonstrate how putting data and current school initiatives together can provide a picture of school climate.

Online Module 4: Integrating Different Data Sources to Understand School Climate

This module gives you an opportunity to apply what you know about school climate to effectively organize data for action.

Online Module 5: Sharing School Climate Data with Stakeholders

This module focuses on strategies for presenting data effectively and gives you an opportunity to practice sharing data with key stakeholders who have an interest in improving school climate.

Online Module 6: Selecting Evidence-Based Interventions to Improve School Climate

This module provides a best practice process for choosing evidence-based interventions (EBI) to improve school climate and lays out a case scenario illustrating one school’s consideration when choosing evidence-based programs to improve its school climate.

* These documents provide strategies applicable to public schools and districts, including charter authorizers, charter management organizations, education management organizations, individual charter schools, and charter local educational agencies.

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