Grantee Corner

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Safe and Supportive Schools (OSSS) awards funds to States and districts across the country to implement programmatic interventions or initiatives that will address issues that affect conditions for learning (e.g., bullying, harassment, trauma, violence, substance abuse, and mental health issues) and improve school climate. During each grantee's funding period, NCSSLE works with grant recipients to establish sustainable programs that address issues that impact the school climate. Although the goals of each grant program is unique, each are dedicated to improving conditions for learning and preventing and mitigating the effects of violence in our schools.

Grantee Support

To help grantees reach their goals, NCSSLE has developed a series of online and in person training sessions. Additionally NCSSLE has created a private workspace called the Grantee Portal where grantees can share knowledge and work together as a team via members-only virtual meeting spaces that the National Center on Safe Supportive Learning Environments (NCSSLE) developed. Contact to find out more!

On the workspace, grantees can:

  • Update the community calendar with project and other related events; 
  • Participate in online discussions;
  • Find seminal project documents; and
  • Share resources with one another. 

Grantees that need help using the Portal or have ideas on how to improve it may contact Greta Colombi at 202-403-5123 or

Grantee Highlights

To showcase their work and accomplishments in program implementation, NCSSLE has created Grantee Highlights. While Grantee Highlights cover a range of topics, from bullying and violence prevention, to mindfulness seminars, all programs address one main goal—school climate improvement.

Below, the Grantee Highlights are categorized into 5 topics, modeling the five activity sets for improving school climate outlined in the School Climate Improvement Resource Package