New Jersey

New JerseyNew Jersey is working to ensure its schools are safe and supportive. This page features school climate information for New Jersey, including a list of grants the State and its communities have received; State discipline and bullying policies; data for a selection of indicators; and related news articles.

Grants Received

State Grant Program

Local Educational Agency and District Grant Program

Selected Indicators

Indicator 1: Threatened or Injured with a Weapon on School Property

Indicator 2: Involved in Physical Fight on School Property

Indicator 3: Offered, Sold, or Given Illegal Drugs on School Property

Indicator 4: Seriously Considered Attempting Suicide

Indicator 5: Did Not Participate in At Least 60 Minutes of Physical Activity

Indicator 6: Did Not Eat Vegetables 7 Days Before the Survey

Grantee Highlights

While preparing for Year 2 of Pennsauken Public School District’s Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration Grant, grant co-director and school psychologist Alexandra Pensiero realized that having “an in-person presence” would be important to students in a virtual environment. Ms. Pensiero and her team created webpage on their website dedicated to Mental Health.  Within, they share general information, information about the grant, and Bitmoji classrooms for the district mental health providers and mental health interns to introduce themselves to students and to offer resources.…

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