School-Based Mental Health Services

In 2020, the U.S. Department of Education awarded School-Based Mental Health Services grants to 6 state education agencies (SEAs) to increase the number of qualified (i.e., licensed, certified, well-trained, or credentialed, as defined in the notice inviting applications) mental health service providers that provide school-based mental health services to students in local educational agencies (LEAs) with demonstrated need.


Funded SEAs will work with LEAs to provide:

  1. telehealth services;
  2. payment towards student loan repayments for service providers;
  3. promotion of cross-State licensing and certification reciprocity for service providers; and
  4.  provision of incentives for hiring (such as increased pay or flexibility or creating hybrid roles that allow for leadership, academic, or research opportunities, or induction programs).


Below is a list of the 6 School-Based Mental Health Services Grant (SBMH) grantees, by State. More information on the SBMH grantees can be found on NCSSLE's State pages. Read more information about the SBMH grants here, or access a particular State page below to learn more.


New Mexico


Rhode Island