Promoting Student Resilience Grants

In 2016, the U.S. Department of Education awarded $4.75 million in Promoting Student Resilience grants to three local educational agencies to increase their capacities for addressing the comprehensive behavioral and mental health needs of students in communities that have experienced significant civil unrest. Significant unrest, as defined by the award, refers to demonstrations of mass protest that included law enforcement involvement and occurred within 24 months immediately prior to June 23, 2016. 

Focus of the Promoting Student Resilience Grant

Funded local educational agencies offered students school-based supports to address their behavioral and mental health needs. Funding was designed to support system-wide approaches that link schools, mental health service providers, and community-based organizations to address the educational and mental health needs of youth who have experienced significant trauma related to the civil unrest in their communities. These approaches included providing increased access for students to school-based counseling services and expanding referrals to community-based counseling services.

Promoting Student Resilience Grantees

More information on the Promoting Student Resilience grantees can be found on NCSSLE's State pages. Read more information about the Promoting Student Resilience grants here, or access a particular State page below to learn more.

  • Baltimore City Schools
  • Chicago Public Schools
  • St. Louis Schools