Pride Teaching and Learning Environment Surveys


Teaching Environment Survey - Like teaching; Like administrators (my school, instructional leadership); Effective teaching; Teacher evaluation; Principal support; Teacher respect; Participatory decision-making; Staff collegiality; Desired involvement in improving teaching practices; Current involvement in school policies and practices; Desired involvement in teaching practice policies; Student discipline; Student conduct rules/policies; Teacher stress; Classroom support; Teacher attitude; Interpersonal relationships; Student engagement; Teacher pay; Facilities and resources; Teacher workload

Learning Environment Survey - School climate; Teacher and student respect; Student discipline; School safety; Teacher to student relationships; Teacher collaboration; Student engagement; Student encouragement; Frequency of substance use; Effect of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; Age of first substance use; Perceived harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; Parents’ feelings towards alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; Place of substance use; Time of substance use; Violence; Bullying

Faculty (Teaching Environment Survey); Students (Learning Environment Survey)
Grade Level
K-12 (Faculty); 6-12 (Students)
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Survey Instruments

Please note that while a copy of the survey instrument is publicly available at, it is copyright protected. Information on obtaining the survey instrument can be found at: Survey instruments are available in English. 

Survey Data