REACH Survey


Relationships with teachers (express care, challenge growth, provide support, share power, expand possibilities, connect sparks to learning; Effort (mastery vs. performance orientation, belief in malleable intelligence, academic self-efficacy); Aspirations (goal orientation, future-mindedness, internal locus of control); Cognition (focus, academic delayed gratification, positivity in the face of challenge); Heart (spark development, spark shaping, presence of sparks); Other covariates (belonging, perceived discrimination; quality and character of instruction, cultural inclusion, school climate)

Grade Level
Survey Instruments

The REACH Survey is available for purchase directly from Search Institute. Information on purchasing the survey instrument can be found here: (Note that “spark” refers to a student’s motivating interests and talents.) Survey instruments are available in English, but Search Institute is working to create reliable and valid instruments in languages other than English.

Survey Data