Title IV-A State Coordinator National Virtual Meeting

On September 23, 2019, together with the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Safe Supportive Schools (OSSS), the Title IV, Part A Technical Assistance Center (T4PA Center) led a virtual convening with Title IV, Part A State Coordinators (SCs) from across the United States and outlying areas. During the one-day meeting, SCs discussed program requirements, reflected on their needs and how the T4PA Center can address them, and considered key information on and experiences in administering and implementing Title IV, Part A (Title IV-A).  

Below are the materials that were distributed and discussed during the meeting, according to the agenda. 

Archived Presentations

  • Opening and Welcome | Slides (PDF)  
    (Bronwyn Roberts, Director, T4PA Center; Bryan Williams, ED, OSSS; Hamed Negrón-Perez, ED, OSSS)

  • Office of Planning, Education, and Policy Development | Slides (PDF) 
    (Erica Lee, ED, OPEPD)

  • Overview of T4PA Center | Slides (PDF) 
    (Bronwyn Roberts, Director, T4PA Center; Greta Colombi, Deputy Director, T4PA Center; Calynn Evans, Senior TA Liaison, T4PA Center)

  • Consolidated State Performance Report Overview and Tool Overview | Slides (PDF)
    (Ivonne Jaime, ED, FPO; Melissa Seldin, T4PA Center)

  • Identified State Coordinator Needs | Slides (PDF)
    (Melissa Seldin, T4PA Center; Calynn Evans, T4PA Center; Kelly Wells, TA Liaison, T4PA Center; Frank Rider, TA Liaison, T4PA Center)

  • Listening Session with ED and Office of the General Council Representatives
    (Amy Lustig, ED, OGC; Rachel Peternith, ED, OGC; Lisa Harris, ED, OGC; Bryan Williams, ED, OSSS; Hamed Negrón-Perez, ED, OSSS)

  • Facilitated Sharing Session with SCs: Innovative Uses of SEA and LEA Title IV-A Funds | Slides (PDF) 
    (Kelly Wells, T4PA Center TA Liaison; Frank Rider, T4PA Center TA Liaison; Dustin Loehr, Arizona Department of Education; Lalah Brewer, Kentucky Department of Education; Sandy O’Neil, State of New Jersey Department of Education; Stephanie Enos, Rhode Island Department of Education)

  • Special Topical Focus Session & Grantee Spotlight: Effective Use of Technology | Slides (PDF)      
    (Jillian Reynolds, T4PA Center; Levi Patrick, Oklahoma Department of Education; Doug Paulson, Minnesota Department of Education)

  • Debrief & Closing | Slides (PDF)
    (Bronwyn Roberts, T4PA Center Director; Greta Colombi, T4PA Center Deputy Director)