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The emotional and psychological well-being of individuals promotes healthy development, functioning and increases the capacity of individuals to live productive lives while striving towards reaching their full potential. 

A major aspect of the school environment includes promoting the mental health of all students, and the provision of programs and services to address those needs.   


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Osage County Interlocal Cooperative deepens its multi-tiered systems of support and mental health service delivery through innovative uses of technology platforms

The Osage County Interlocal Cooperative, Oklahoma [OCIC], as part of its Mental Health Service Professional Demonstration grant initiative, Project PREPARE is recruiting, training, and coaching school psychology, counseling, and social worker interns in the provision of high quality virtual and hybrid mental health services and caseload management.

Provides data on the prevalence of common behavioral health issues while sharing information and customizable tools to promote student mental health. This suite of school mental health resources were developed to help state and local education agencies develop and sustain school mental health programs. 

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Offers best practices for school employee wellness programs in an effort to improve both employees' and students' well-being - including ideas for programs that can be implemented with limited resources.

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Includes a uniform set of technology standards for professional social workers to use as a guide in their practice.

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Presents a select group of strategies based on the best available evidence to help communities and States sharpen their focus on prevention activities with the greatest potential to prevent suicide. These strategies include: strengthening economic supports; strengthening access and delivery of suicide care; creating protective environments; promoting connectedness; teaching coping and problem-solving skills; identifying and supporting people at risk; and lessening harms and preventing future risk. 

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Provides telehealth guidance for school psychologists, including benefits and concerns, certification and licensure, legal and ethical implications, and recommendations. Resources are provided in PDF form from the National Association of School Psychologists.

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Includes telepsychology tips and resources from the American Psychological Association.

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Includes guidelines for providing telepsychology that are informed by relevant American Psychological Association (APA) Standards and Guidelines.

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Offers a series of webinars that introduce the learner to the ins and outs of tele-psychology provided by the American Psychological Association.

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Focuses on changing norms, environments, and behaviors in ways that can prevent ACEs from happening in the first place as well as to lessen their harms when they do occur.

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